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Able Life

Able Life products include high quality Mobility Assistance devices to aid those who may require extra stability support. Vitality Medical provides a wide range of popular Able Life products, including the Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar Bathroom Aid, and Bedroom Aid products like the Bedside Extend-A-Rail and the Bedside Mighty Rail. Able Life also manufactures sturdy Living Room Aid products like the Universal Stand Assist Chair Assist Grab Bar and the Able Tray, as well as Living Room Aid products like the Auto Assist Grab Bar and the Auto Assist Handle. Additionally, Able Life produces general Daily Living Aids to assist with ease of day-to-day stability such as the EZ Door Knob Grips, and the Space Saver Walker.

Able Life products can be found in the following Vitality Medical categories: Bathroom Assist, Lift Help, Mobility Aids, and Bed Rails. Check out our selection of Able Life products today and be sure to give us a call if you have any questions.

About Able Life Solutions Mobility Products:

With functionality and stability at the forefront of their mission, Able Life's line of top-selling mobility products make a crucial addition to your life. Whether it's for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, automobile or simply for day-to-day living, Able Life wants to ensure your stability while getting around. Their unique brand of mobility aids ensures that you will be more stable while getting from point A to point B, perfect for those who have just had surgery or just need a little extra hand in getting out of bed, into the shower, or off to start your day. Because they know space can be an issue, their products are designed to be compact enough to store easy, as well as staying out of the way during use. In addition to their functionality, Able Life's products' smart, efficient design enables them to blend right in comfortably with your home's decor.

Able Life Mission Statement:

Able Life has created a series of products designed to enrich the lifestyle of its users. Able Life's innovative products will leave you asking, why did it take so long for them to arrive? Simple observation reveals functionality, so you won't be left wondering how it works, or if it works. Able Life puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination.

Best Overbed Tables

Overbed tables are nearly essential for those who spend a majority of their time in bed. For those who are immobile or in need long-term bed rest, an overbed table assists one when it comes to having meals, reading, or needing any hard surface to accomplish daily tasks.

Overbed tables of various sizes and area coverage is offered on Vitality Medical. For those looking to invest, look to the dimensions that the manufacturer gives, and look to see how it is attached to the bed. Overbed tables are either rolled and locked to stay place, or they are physically secured to the frame. For most hospital bed frames, overbed tables need to be secured to the frame for better stability and possibly to maneuver around siderails if they are installed. Vitality Medical has all these variations of overbed tables for sale to fit the needs of just about everybody.

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