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The Best Otoscope

An otoscope is a medical device specifically designed to provide brighter magnification of the ear canal and tympanic membrane during an ear examination. There are several different types of otoscopes. Some of the different types of otoscopes include the following: the pocket otoscope, the handle or full-size otoscope and the video otoscope. The best otoscope for you will depend heavily on what field of work you're in and how often you plan to use it. Here's what you need to know about finding the best otoscope for you.

The Pocket Otoscope

A pocket otoscope is smaller, lighter and more compact than a traditional full-sized otoscope. Originally designed to be carried in the pocket of a lab coat, this type of otoscope usually requires disposable batteries and comes equipped with a clip on the handle to securely fix it to the pocket of a lab coat or shirt. This type of otoscope may be ideal for you if you need an otoscope that you can easily access during an ear examination or physical exam.

The Full-Sized Otoscope

The full-sized otoscope may be the best option for you if you're searching for an otoscope with an interchangeable head and handle. Most of these types of otoscope models come equipped with an interlocking tool that allows different types of otoscope heads to be attached to the same handle. In similar fashion, different types of handles are also interchangeable with a full-size otoscope. This might be an ideal otoscope for you if you're searching for an otoscope that's economical and easy to use. Some of the best-selling otoscopes include the ADC Economy Otoscope and the American Diagnostic Standard 2.5V Diagnostic Set.

The Video Otoscope

A video otoscope is specifically designed to work in conjunction with a monitor to project the tympanic membrane in a large manner. This may be the best otoscope for you if you need a device to capture and project inner ear structures on a large scale, or if you need to share images for educational or consulting purposes. The video otoscope has the benefit of being able to record a video for up to a couple of minutes and then save the video for future viewing.

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