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Bergies is the manufacturer and distributor of a unique line of scented shoe insoles that come in various pleasant scents. Made for shoes that are best worn without socks, these odor guards are perfect. "Go Sockless" with these insoles and not worry about any foot odor. Some fashionable shoes are best worn without socks. Shoes like ballet flats, boat shoes, slip-ons and even dress shoes either do not work like they should worn with socks or simply look tacky. Bergies has your back after walking all day and you come home to slip those flats off and odor is a concern. Bergies provide comfort to your foot with a thin wool blended fabric that also wicks away moisture. So it helps remove sweat, the key element in odor creation. Bergies are thin enough not to feel bulky or heavy and come in a variety of different lovely scents.

It doesn't matter who you are, young, old, man or woman, if you go barefoot and you feet start sweating, you are going to accumulate funk on your foot. With Bergies you can go sockless and the only odor coming from your shoes will be that of fresh spearmint ... or Monkey Farts. The following are the scent selections, and a little more about what makes a monkey fart smell so good:

Hang Ten: Hang Ten is a tropical, sweet scent that is sure to take you back to your favorite beach vacation when you go sockless.

Down to Earth: Down to Earth is a very fresh and unique scent. Tones of natural fresh earth are combined with freshly crushed spearmint to create a scent that will give both men and women the confidence to go sockless.

Saddle Up:Saddle up is a natural for Bergies. Everyone loves the smell of a new pair of leather shoes, and Saddle Up will make your favorite pair of leathers smell brand new all over again.

Monkey Farts: Monkey Farts is a warm, tropical, sweet, scent. Bananas, coconuts, and hints of other fruits will make you think of your favorite beach escape. Kid's love the scent AND the name.

Under the Big Top: Under the Big Top is a scent that will make everyone think the circus set up the Big Top in their shoes. Kids can't resist the smell of freshly spun Cotton Candy. With Bergies, Cotton Candy will always be right at their feet.

Bergie's Story:

It all happened on a long family road trip. Sarah, a Bergies co-founder, was disgusted when her 3-year old kicked off her ballet flats in the backseat. Wow! How could such cute little feet create such big odor? Then she realized the whole family had spent the week walking around Southern Utah in shoes without socks. Everyone in the family had stinky feet.

It wasn’t long before Sarah enlisted the help of her brother, Dave. They set out on a quest to rid the world of smelly shoes and feet while making the trend of going sockless more comfortable. After a year of experimenting with different materials and fragrances they had the solution and launched Bergies, affectionately named after that same adorable 3-year-old with stinky feet!

Now the world has a simple solution to a universal problem. When wearing your favorite shoes without socks, you won’t have to worry about wetness and odor and the thin lining makes it more comfortable.

We invite you to try Bergies today. Get out there and GO SOCKLESS!

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