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Covidien is a large medical supply distributor with global reach. With over $10 billion in annual sales, Covidien is a leader in global healthcare products. Half of Covidien sales are from outside the United States. The Covidien Corp has 41 manufacturing facilities located in 17 countries. Covidien Healthcare offers innovative medical solutions to achieve better patient outcomes. Medical professionals, at-home caregivers and consumers easily recognize Covidien brands like Argyle, Barrx, Curity, Dover, iLogic, Kangaroo, Kendall, KenGuard, Magellan, McGrath, Monoject, Nellcor, Newport, Oridion, Puritan-Bennett, Tri-Staple, Wings and Valleylab. Doctors, nurses, and medical staff have come to depend on the quality and proven products from Covidien used for diagnosing, monitoring, testing and treating patients. Covidien Products are highly respected and trusted. In January 2015, Covidien was acquired by Medtronic, a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, broadening Covidien's global range while expanding the unique and innovative capabilities of both Medtronic and Covidien products. Both companies previously shared a commitment to addressing the needs of healthcare patients worldwide, and now through their combined efforts, they can have a broader impact in helping more people, in more ways and more places around the world.

Covidien Medical has developed a number of medical advances, including pulse oximetry, surgical stapling, laparoscopic instrumentation, electro-surgery and embolization devices. This extensive product line spans medical supplies and medical devises used in hospitals, medical clinics, long-term care facilities, alternate care facilities, research facilities, doctors’ offices and homecare. Focusing on three core categories, the Covidien Corp continues to provide breakthroughs in surgical solutions, vascular therapies and respiratory and patient care. Their solgan is provided below:

The Covidien Difference: For the best quality care at home, trust the brand hospitals use.  When it comes to your family’s health, Covidien has been making a meaningful difference for over 100 years.

Covidien’s large size and diversity allows it to employ newer technologies and develop lower cost sources to benefit the purchaser and the patient. Pioneering new healthcare areas like biosurgery and vascular therapies, the Covidien Corporation will continue to lead in medical supply for years to come. Covidien medical products include blood collection, cardiac monitoring, thermometry, enteral feeding, incontinent care, maternity care, infant care, urology, wound care, needles and syringes, sharps disposal, sutures, surgical stapling, neurovascular products, vascular compression, vessel sealing, skin care, hot/cold therapy, electrodes, and so many others.

Covidien Healthcare is also interested in preserving our environment. Promoting health, environmental, economic and social well-being are all a part of the Covidien Company’s ongoing initiatives. This medical supplier seeks to make medical care more affordable to a growing global market. Covidien supports socially responsible policies and programs to make quality healthcare more accessible to everyone.

Covidien Brands

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