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Coloplast Baza Skin Care

Coloplast manufactures an entire line of products targeting the needs of skin care patients. One of these product lines is called Baza. Baza products help wounds heal faster and provide solutions for people with skin conditions. Baza products offer therapeutic solutions for both wound care and skin care to patients and healthcare professionals. Baza Skin Care Products include Baza Antifungal – a moisture barrier Antifungal Cream, a Baza Cleanse and Protect Lotion - a mild Skin Cleanser and breatheable skin barrier, Baza Moisture Barrier Cream - a zinc oxide mositure barrier with skin conditioners. Click on "More About Baza" below for a brief description of each of the Coloplast Baza Skin Care Products carried by VitalityMedical.com.

Coloplast Baza Antifungal

Baza Antifungal Moisture Barrier Cream treats and relieves the itching, burning, scaling and redness associated with candidiasis, jock itch, ringworm and athlete’s foot.

Coloplast Baza Antifungal Features

  • Contains 2% Miconazole Nitrate
  • Contains skin conditioners
  • CHG compatible
  • Container Type: flip top tube.
  • Container Capacity Options:  2 ounce & 5 ounce.

Coloplast Baza Cleanse and Protect Lotion

Coloplast Baza Bathing and Cleansing Products cleanse patients' skin without causing irritation. Baza Cleanse and Protect is pH-balanced and formulated with gentle ingredients and extra emollients to provide gentle cleansing. VitalityMedical.com provides the no-rinse formulation of Baza Cleanse and Protect. Coloplast skin protectant products help prevent and treat skin irritation due to exposure to urine and feces. Baza Cleanse and Protect is a clear protectorant for easy skin assessment. Coloplast Baza Cleanse and Protect is alcohol and fragrance free to accommodate hypoallergenic patients.

Coloplast Baza Cleanse and Protect Lotion Features

  • Incontinence cleanser and perineal lotion.
  • Provides mild skin cleansing.
  • Provides breathable skin barrier.
  • Provides skin moisturzation.
  • Non-irritating formulation.
  • Ph-balanced formulation.
  • CHG compatible.
  • Container Type: spray bottle.
  • Container Capacity:  8 ounce.

Coloplast Skin Care Product Identification

Coloplast Baza Protect

Coloplast Baza Barrier Ointment is a moisture barrier ointment that prevents and treats skin irritation due to exposure to urine and feces. Baza Ointment is a clear skin protectorant, providing easy skin assessment by both patients and caregivers. This moisture barrier cream provides everyday protection from wetness and is an effective relief from inflammation caused by diaper rash. Coloplast Baza Moisture Ointment is for use on intact to slightly excoriated skin or light to moderate incontinence.

Coloplast Baza Moisture Barrier Ointment Features

  • Contains skin conditioners.
  • Contains zinc oxide with dimethicone for barrier protection.
  • CHG compatible.
  • Container Type: flip top tube.
  • Container Capacity Options:  2 ounce & 5 ounce.

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