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Barrier Ointments & Creams — Barrier Cream, Peri Care, Baza, Moisture Barrier Cream

Barrier ointments are often used for those whose skin can become easily irritated, especially due to incontinence. Barrier creams and ointments help protect the skin from excess contact with moisture, and this is especially useful for those who wear protective underwear and diapers, where feces or urine will come in contact with the skin for a length of time.

Skin barrier cream will lay down a protective layer over the skin to keep moisture and friction from causing skin irritation. Vitality Medical provides several brands that offer hospital-grade creams and ointments that will protect patients for hours at a time. Vitality Medical is proud to provide barrier creams and ointments as a valuable resource for our customers. Consider some of our most popular skin barrier ointment brands such as the Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment by ConvaTec, or those offered by Coloplast and Medline.

One thing to take into consideration when purchasing a Barrier Cream is the density and thickness of the cream. When applying, extra layers may be necessary if the barrier cream is not thick enough. A thick cream will help ensure there is always a layer of protection. When skin areas have constant wet-spots or come in contact with moisture more often than not, it can cause rashes, irritations and appropriate discomforts. Skin, clothing and other wearable material can rub off a barrier cream that does not carry a thick consistency, limiting the effects of the ointment and prolonging discomfort.

Becoming familiar with a barrier cream of your choice and the ingredients it includes will help reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Certain brands such as ConvaTec and Medline may include ingredients such as Aloe or Petroleum Jelly that can cause allergic reactions. These brands offer multiples of other barrier cream options that do not include these ingredients but may include others that can also cause a discomfort. Reviewing and familiarizing yourself with the included ingredients will make you aware of the options offered, and the brand you are most comfortable with.

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Common Issues Treated with Barrier Cream:

  • Diaper Rash
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Skin Infection Preventative Measure
  • Friction Irritation
  • Irritation Due to Skin-to-Skin Contact Such as Contact Between Skin Folds

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