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Arterial Sleeve Garments

Arterial sleeves work in conjunction with arterial pumps to deliver directed compression to the lower extremities as a means of delivering adequate circulation. Arterial sleeves attach to pumps through air hoses that act as conduits to route compressed air to the sleeve chambers. The compression is specific to deliver pressure to move and stimulate blood flow both to and from the legs and feet so both arteries and veins have proper flow. Arterial sleeves are placed directly on the legs and feet and are the working end of this type of compression therapy. Vitality Medical is proud to provide high quality arterial sleeves for those who can benefit from compression therapy to stave off the effects and disease associated with poor circulation.

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Arterial Pump Sleeves Patient Applications
  • Wrapping around the leg to attach to the arterial pump.
  • Providing compression therapy to treat arterial disease like diabetic foot or intermittent claudication.
  • To relieve pain and discomfort associated with arterial disease.
  • To improve overall blood circulation in the feet and legs.

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