Rukiya Packer

Directory of Marketing

Rukiya, "Ruki" Packer is a Co-Founder of Vitality Medical and functions as our Chief Marketing Officer and Board Advisor. As one of the five members of the initial startup team in 2004, Ruki was high impact player of all stages of organizational development and operations. Ruki currently oversees all marketing efforts from the board level to ensure strategic and financial objectives are met. As Chief Marketing Officer her input helps guide our marketing vendors and strategic vendor partnerships.

Prior to joining Vitality Medical Ruki was involved in the launching and recruitment for an offshore call center located in the Philippines for a Microsoft contract. Ruki’s get-it-done skills are evidenced in her success in multiple companies with recruiting and organizational development work. Further, her international business background in import/export businesses has given her a keen ability to understand supply chain management and strategic partnerships which gives her a continued ability to scale Vitality’s business.

Ruki has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in database management. She has traveled extensively including the middle-East and throughout Asia. Ruki is well known for her quick wit, sharp humor and engaging personality.

Ruki’s and Brad’s professional relationship became the foundation for a meaningful friendship that resulted in love and marriage. They share 4 children and together enjoy carpooling and chasing their kids in their many activities and sports. Ruki loves to bike ride, hike, play pickleball and travel to Kauai or any new place warm with an adventure.