Adam Dunn - Bio

Adam Dunn

Chief of Information Systems/Chief Technology Officer

Adam Dunn is Vitality Medical’s Chief of Information Systems/Chief Technology Officer. Ever since his arrival in 2008, Adam has been a brain trust, confidant, and driver of Vitality’s success and growth. Adam has largely set our technology and software strategy and helped to further scale our eCommerce services. Adam has held many integral roles at Vitality Medical, helping lead the company through multiple phases of growth. His responsibilities have included directing Vitality Medical’s development, managing various marketing channels, and coordinating efforts with strategic 3rd parties.

Before joining Vitality Medical, Adam worked in financial services and software development at Mountain High Federal Credit Union. Adam graduated with a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Utah and completed his undergrad in Information Systems at Brigham Young University.

Adam enjoys competing in pickleball, exploring the outdoors on his mountain bike, and spending time with his family.