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  1. Arthritis Gloves
    bought for someone as gift .
    These were bought for someone as gift
    (Review by gloves )
  2. Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes
    Medical Electrodes Review.
    Uni-Patch Re-Ply is a well-known and reliable supplier of medical electrodes of all sizes and shapes to facilitate various medical proceedings. On a common note, I can mention that these
    (Review by Matthew)
  3. Uni Patch Superior Silver Electrodes
    Great product..
    Better than other similar products on the skin. Regenerates well with hydration and last longer. Price is better than at other locations.
    (Review by Bill)
  4. BodyMed EMS Unit
    Just What I Needed.
    This EMS unit came with everything I needed and a user manual. It adjusted to the pulse rate my doctor wanted me to use and I haven't had any issues
    (Review by Mike)

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