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  1. Arthritis Gloves
    See below.
    Thread ends stick out at the end of all fingers. I had to conceal ends within the material so it would not unravel and open the material. I chose the
    (Review by No nick name)
  2. LED Infrared Pain Reliever
    LED Infrared Pain Reliever.
    This LED light is great for after strenuous workouts. The infrared penetrates deeply and and stimulates blood circulation.
    (Review by Wendy)
  3. Therabath PRO Professional Grade Paraffin Bath
    Pleasantly Surprised.
    I've had several doctors tell me about paraffin bath treatment for arthritis pain. I had my doubts but this unit is well made and works as advertised. It provides at
    (Review by AED)
  4. Elasto-Gel Hot Cold Packs, Wraps, and Rolls
    like it.
    I got the knee wrap. It is really good, because the gel is more comfortable to wear than an ice pack.
    (Review by Kevin)

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