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  1. Nighttime Arthritis Relief Gloves
    Nighttime Arthritis Gloves.
    I have tried several arthritis gloves and like these the best so far. These gloves do not have the open fingers as shown in part of the video. I would
    (Review by Mary)
  2. Eye Massager
    Soothing Eye Massager.
    This eye massager brings relief after a long day at the office. The combination of heat, mist and vibrations make this massager a very useful tool for pain therapy.
    (Review by Thelma)
  3. BodyMed Tens Unit
    Better Digital Tens Unit.
    I bought the Body Med digital tens unit over other tens units, because this one lets my doctor fix the settings for me and then he can check to see
    (Review by Bruce)
  4. Doughnut Cushion
    My old lady lives out of town and has to come visit every now and again. Needless to say, when she does visit it's a real no pants tit fest.
    (Review by barry mahkockiner)

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