Tegaderm DuoDerm — Polyurethane Foam Dressing, Hydrogel Dressing, Sacral Dressing

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  1. Medihoney Gel Ointment Cream Hydrocolloid Paste
    very good .
    Ordering was easy. Great tracking of order. Highly satisfied. I will order again if the need arises.
    (Review by jane)
  2. DuoDERM Dressing Extra Thin CGF
    Excellent bandages but touchy to use.
    I have lymphedema and this type of hydrocolloid bandage is all that makes dealing with wounds feasible. As long as you can find a bandage size that will completely cover
    (Review by TimK)
  3. Duoderm Signal Dressing
    Works when nothing else will.
    I have fairly severe lymphedema in both legs. If I ever get a penetrating wound there, they will not heal because of the river of fluid a break in the
    (Review by Important tool)
  4. Medihoney Gel Ointment Cream Hydrocolloid Paste
    Medihoney gel ointment great for healing.
    Medihoney works wonders.My dermatologist recommended it for Excema on legs. It cleared the sores in about three weeks.
    (Review by Philly Kid)

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