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  1. Thick & Easy Thickened Drink Beverages
    Thick & Easy Thickened Drink Beverages Are Easy to Seal and Save.
    Love the easy-peel barrier seal and the built-in handle. The seal is easy to remove and easy to reseal. The built-in handle makes it easy to pour.
    (Review by Alison)
  2. Nestle Nutritional Thicken Up 8 Oz
    Good product.
    Received product promptly and it works great to thicken up what I need too.
    (Review by gerry)
  3. Thick & Easy Thickened Drink Beverages
    in addition to a nice flavor, this product has electrolytes to help prevent dehydration
    (Review by John)
  4. Simply Thick Thickening Gel - SimplyThick Nectar & Honey
    The best !!!!! .
    My mom recently suffered a stroke. SHe can only have honey thick liquids. I purchased the thick it powder, which was like paste and gritty. Then a nurse told me
    (Review by danni)

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Simply Thick Food Thickener

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