Siemens Medical Diagnostic Equipment — Defibrillators, Pen Lights, Reflex Hammers, Tongue Depressors

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  1. LifeSource Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Enhanced Memory
    simple to use, easy to read.
    this is a good monitor
    (Review by Komra)
  2. MDF Dual Head Stethoscope
    Dual Head Stethoscope Review.
    I got it for my dog. It could sound weird but it has heart disease so I have to check his heartbeat often to take care of him. At an
    (Review by Celine)
  3. Rediscan Infrared Thermometer
    Infrared Thermometer Review.
    As a mom of 1 year old girl, I was so horrified before because she seemed to have fever but I was soon relieved with the help of this thermometer.
    (Review by Jasmine)
  4. RESPeRATE Ultra - Hypertension Therapy
    need instructions for the device....
    I need the instrucrions for this device where can I get it. I need to now how it works...O
    (Review by O)

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