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SCA Incontinence Care - Tena Products

SCA, founded in 1929, is the global leader in the incontinence industry. In fact, because of SCA's reliability and popularity, sales are conducted in approximately 100 countries. One of SCA's leading global brands is TENA.

According to SCA, the World Health Organization, WHO, classifies incontinence as a disease and that it affects 5 to 7% of the world's population. The occurrence of incontinence is 2 to 3 times more common among women than men, which is why SCA has created a line specifically for women. In addition to having a line specifically for women, SCA has a specific line for men, too. Truly, SCA realizes that anyone can be affected by incontinence, which is why the company has a variety of products targeting all needs.

SCA estimates that by 2019, the population of the world over the age of 60 is estimated to pass the 1 billion mark. In an aging society, it is inevitable that increasing numbers require hands-on care at home, with loved ones, or in a medical environment. Unfortunately for many, incontinence can be physically, emotionally, and economically demanding, and SCA is not insensitive to this fact. SCA makes affordable and dependable incontinence products to help you save money.

Not only will SCA Incontinence Products help save you money, but they will help you to regain your confidence, too. As numbers prove, you can fully count on SCA.

SCA Features and Benefits

  • Advanced odor protection.
  • Dependable and durable products.
  • Economical.
  • For men and women.
  • High-quality products.
  • Super absorbent cores.
  • Unique soft layers next to skin.

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TENA Flex Maxi Briefs


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