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  1. Elasto-Gel Hand Exerciser
    I ordered this product for my husband, because he is a mechanic and needs a strong grip. I have never seen any hand exerciser like this one. It has resistance,
    (Review by Jen)
  2. VERILUX HappyLight 2500 Compact Light Therapy
    I also love my twins.
    Having two full-spectrum light sources makes all the difference at the office. My productivity is much better when I feel awake and alert. In short, my HappyLight keeps me happy!
    (Review by Sandy)
  3. Bodymed Dual Channel Interferential Unit, with AC Adapter
    Interferential TENS.
    This unit really helps with pain. It is unfortunate that since it was made so inexpensively, it does not last but a few months: One battery connection broke inside the
    (Review by Andy)
  4. Geri-Tussin DM Cough Relief Liquid
    Great price .
    This is a great price for the product, best price I found anywhere in fact. I only wish you also carried the EX version.
    (Review by Doriann)

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