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  1. AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe
    I use this product exclusively!.
    AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipes is an extraordinary tool in my personal care kit. Since introduced to me 15 years ago, I use it exclusively. I am confident using this product
    (Review by Adhesive Remover Wipes)
  2. Hollister Extended Wear Male External Catheter
    These work really well and I am so glad I found them.
    (Review by jeanmck)
  3. Jackson Medical J Clamp Incontinence Clamp
    Medical J Clamp Review.
    I hope you not to get intimidated by this. You might think it looks kind of weird at first. Even so, I want to suggest you to try it then
    (Review by Heinz)
  4. Invacare Economy Foam Mattress
    I really like that it is light weight.
    It is very firm which I had to get use to but I really like it. It is lightweight and I will not have to worry about springs eventually digging
    (Review by Ruthie)

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Top Customer Rated Enema Bag


Got what asked for

msruff (Most Helpful Review)

The product came quickly and was exactly what was ordered. The shipping, though, was a little steep -- more than the product itself.

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Could be better

Lady728 (Most Helpful Review)

I only gave this one 3 stars because I like a longer tube and a more substantial tip to prevent it falling out.

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Douche & Enema System with 2 Quart Water Bottle Review

Sandra (Most Helpful Review)

My grandmother started to use and as she said t is very easy to take an enema from this. This product is used as an enema in order to relief of constipation. It is an economical and durable product. If you have a back or shoulder ache, you may use it as water bottle for your therapy. It is also great that comes with warranty from the manufacturer.

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Dover Enema Bag

Carl (Most Helpful Review)

The Dover enema bag has everything in the kit you need to complete the enema procedure except for water.

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