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Reviews - D.I. Insulin Case by Medicool

By Medicool
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1 Item(s)

I love this case for 20 years.
I have had this case for more than 18 years. I need a new one now. I'm not looking at any other styles, I love this one. After all this time, I just use a rubberband to keep it closed since the spring-loaded clip sprung. I also lost the elastic bands for syringes and pads years ago. No problem because I'm not packing pads and the syringes stay in place. Just now the plastic insert is peeling, cracking, and falling out. But I live in Tucson and the heat is terrible on all plastics. I LOVE THIS CASE.
Product Rating
Review by LJager / (Posted on 8/21/2015)
Tucson, AZ

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