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Profore Compression Bandages by Smith & Nephew | Profore Lite - Four Layer - LF - Wound Contact - Elastic - Bandage System


Smith and Nephew ProFore Compression Bandages

ProFore is a compression bandage system utilizing multiple compression layers to manage Wound Care for venous leg ulcers. Compression Bandages have been found useful to treat venous diseases. Compression helps to reverse the venous insufficiency in the leg, healing any damage and helping to direct the flow of blood back towards the heart. Smith & Nephew manufacturers ProFore for both hospital and home use. ProFore Compression Wraps are a multi-layer compression bandaging system consisting of 5 components: a sterile wound contact layer; a padding bandage; a light conformable bandage; a light compression bandage and a flexible cohesive bandage.The multiple compression layers to deliver up to 40 mmHg pressure at the ankle. ProFore reinforces a safe and consistent protocol to heal up to 79% of venous leg ulcers within 12 weeks.

Smith & Nephew provides two major ProFore Compression Bandage options: the ProFore Four Layer Bandage (four compression layers and a Wound Contact Layer) and the ProFore LF Bandage (same as ProFore Four Layer Bandage, but latex free). The ProFore Four Layer Bandage Systems are designed to deliver 40mm Hg pressure at the ankle, decreasing to 17mm Hg at the knee.

A third ProFore Bandage option is the ProFore Lite Bandage. The Lite Bandage has three compression layers instead of four and a wound contact layer. ProFore Lite provides less pressure than the ProFore Four or the ProFore LF bandages. The ProFore Lite is designed to manage leg ulcers where the patient suffers from arterial as well as venous insufficiency. Arterial impairment prevents the use of full compression because of the risk of ischaemic necrosis. ProFore Lite consists of a low-adherent wound contact layer, an absorbent wool padding layer, a light conformable crepe bandage and a flexible cohesion compression bandage.

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