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With their broad selection of medical equipment products, Primus Medical offers unique, cost-effective solutions to healthcare professionals. Their company designs and manufactures Bariatric Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts and other products that increase patient safety and dignity.

For example, the ultra-low design of their Primus Low Bed allows the bed deck to drop as low as 7 inches off the ground. This low height greatly reduces the risk of patients injuring themselves when entering and exiting the bed. The bed even retains its ability to roll when set at its lowest level, adding additional ease of use for medical professionals.

Across each of their helpful product lines, this innovative American company proves that it knows how to put itself in the shoes of medical workers and patients alike.

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Other Top Selling Primus Medical Products

Primus Hospital Bed/Mattress Accessories


These Primus Hospital Bed Accessories make it possible to customize your Primus Medical Hospital Beds to the needs of each patient or facility. Accessories here can either be purchased along with your Primus Medical Low Hospital Bed, or they can be purchased separately to upgrade your bed. Whether you're looking for Bed Assist Rails, Hospital Bed Safety Rails or Hospital Bed Trapezes, Primus Medical has you covered with this line of optional bed features. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus High Capacity Foam Prevention Mattress


The PrimePlus Foam Prevention Mattress is a high capacity Pressure Reduction Mattress made specifically to accommodate bariatric patients. Its three-layer foam construction effectively distributes pressure and helps prevent pressure ulcers. Made by Primus Medical, this mattress is also designed to be extra comfortable. It is available in your choice of four different widths: 39, 42, 48 or 54 inches wide. It comes with a durable, removable mattress cover that helps prevent friction and shearing. Learn More
Primus PrimeCare Transcend Basic Mattress


This Transcend Hospital Bed Mattress effectively prevents stage 1 and stage 2 pressure ulcers. It is a Pressure Reduction Mattress constructed of a special high density foam. The foam holds its shape over time and is specifically designed to accommodate bariatric patients. The mattress includes a removable nylon cover. The high quality nylon material reduces friction and shearing to prevent skin breakdown. The cover is also fluid-proof and has a reinforced ribbed vinyl bottom that resists punctures and tears. Learn More
Primus PrimeCare Transcend Mattress


The Transcend Hospital Mattress delivers exceptional comfort and durability at an economical price. It is a specially-designed Pressure Relief Mattress rated to prevent stage 1 through 3 pressure ulcers in both traditional and bariatric patients. The mattress comes with a navy colored removable cover. The cover is made of an upgraded urethane stretch material that greatly reduces friction and shearing, thus preventing skin breakdown. The mattress cover is also fluid-proof and easy to wipe clean. Learn More
Primus PrimeCare Ultimate High/Low Bed


The Primus Ultimate High/Low Bed is a fully electric Bariatric Hospital Bed with an ultra-low mattress deck. The low deck increases safety and comfort for bariatric patients, especially patients at risk of falling or injuring themselves when entering or exiting the bed. Made by Primus Medical, this bed boasts a unique frame design that makes it adjustable by length and height. The length adjusts between three positions: 76, 80 and 84 inches long. In its low position, the bed deck rests only 6 7/8 inches off the ground. It can be raised to a high position of 30 7/8 inches off the ground. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus 1000 Pound High Capacity Expansion Bed


The PrimePlus 1000 Pound High Capacity Bed has a unique, fully-adjustable frame design that makes it exceptionally easy to use. This Bariatric Hospital Bed also has one of the highest bariatric weight capacities of any bed on the market. It offers a long list of safety and customization features that create an unbeatable combination of advantages for both patients and caregivers. Learn More
Primus PrimeCare Low Hospital Bed


These two Low Profile Bed models deliver Full Electric Hospital Bed functionality with loads of customizable options -- all at an economical price. They include the high quality welding construction, bariatric weight capacity and adjustability that you might expect from higher-priced beds. Low Profile Hospital Beds reduce the risk and severity of fall injury for patients with limited mobility, making the beds safer and more comfortable. Learn More
Primus PrimeCare Transcend Advanced Mattress


The Transcend Advanced Mattress is a top of the line Pressure Reduction Mattress for hospital beds. It is rated to prevent stage 1 through 3 pressure ulcers, and its layered foam construction offers supreme comfort. Primus Medical makes this mattress with a special foam called Qualux. Qualux is a high resiliency foam with a soft surface. The foam firms up quickly when pressure is applied, and it holds its shape over time. It's design also increases air flow to help keep the patient's skin cool. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus 750 Pound High Capacity Expansion Bed


The Primus PrimePlus 750 Pound Capacity Bed is an excellent choice to accommodate a wide range of patients, including bariatric patients. The unique design of this Electric Hospital Bed includes an adjustable frame that makes it possible to change its length and width dimensions in just seconds. This bed is compatible with several customization features. Its adjustability and optional accessories work together to make it one of the most versatile beds on the market. And because it is so easy to use, it is a favorite among caregivers and medical workers. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus High Capacity Foam Basic Mattress


The PrimePlus Basic Mattress is a high capacity Mattress for Hospital Beds designed to help prevent pressure ulcers. It is available in wide sizes to accommodate the needs of bariatric patients. Primus Medical manufactures this mattress with a two-layer construction that effectively distributes pressure evenly over the mattress. It comes with a durable cover that reduces friction to prevent skin breakdown. This mattress is a great, economical option for patients receiving outpatient care. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus Deluxe High Capacity Expandable Mattress


The PrimePlus Deluxe Expansion Mattress is a Bariatric Hospital Mattress that includes detachable side extensions. The extensions allow you to add or remove overall width any time. This makes it possible for the same mattress to fit beds of different widths. Primus Medical makes this mattress with a double-layer foam construction. This layered construction helps the mattress distribute pressure evenly and creates additional comfort for the patient. Learn More
Primus PrimePlus Evolution High Capacity Expandable Mattress


The PrimePlus Evolution Mattress is a high capacity Pressure Relieving Mattress with removable width extensions. The extensions allow the mattress to fit beds of different widths. Primus Medical makes this mattress in two base widths, 35 inches and 39 inches. The width extensions on the 35 inch mattress add 7 inches, bringing the mattress width to 42 inches. The extensions on the 39 inch mattress add 9 inches, bringing the mattress width to 48 inches. Extensions attach and detach with hook and loop fasteners. Learn More