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  1. Uni-Patch Reflex Tantone
    Quick shipping time.
    Reliable, accurate service
    (Review by Joe)
  2. BodyMed Tens Unit
    Better Digital Tens Unit.
    I bought the Body Med digital tens unit over other tens units, because this one lets my doctor fix the settings for me and then he can check to see
    (Review by Bruce)
  3. Meclizine HCL Motion Sickness Treatment & Prevention - 25mg by Rugby
    Great product, great price.
    Super fast shipping
    (Review by Vpwhiz)
  4. Hot and Cold Therapy Handheld Massager
    Handheld Massager.
    This hot and cold massager offer me the ultimate control. I can apply the massage where I need to and in hard to reach places.
    (Review by Carlos)

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