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  1. Heat Wrap Neck & Shoulder
    Heat Wrap Neck & Shoulder.
    Love the warmth and comfort this heat wrap offers. It helps my achy shoulders feel so much better.
    (Review by Annabelle)
  2. Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes
    Medical Electrodes Review.
    Uni-Patch Re-Ply is a well-known and reliable supplier of medical electrodes of all sizes and shapes to facilitate various medical proceedings. On a common note, I can mention that these
    (Review by Matthew)
  3. Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes
    The work.
    They work the sticky surface is still usable after many uses. Good product
    (Review by BJ)
  4. Sombra Warm Therapy
    sure do miss it when I run out! It sure makes life more comfortableHave used the warm therapy for years..
    It sure makes life more comfortable. Doesn't burn and make you turn red. Have a few allergies and this warm sombra doesn't react on me except giving comfort.
    (Review by MADHATTER)

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