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  1. DermaGinate Ag Calcium Alginate Iconic Silver Dressing
    DermaGinate Ag Calcium Alginate Iconic Silver Dressing .
    DermaGinate is a great combo dressing with both Calcium Alginate and Silver to fight infections.
    (Review by Erma)
  2. PolyMem Silver
    Effective and easy to work with..
    Fast healing of wounds acheived. This product was recommended by the wound clinic at our hospital.
    (Review by Angelica)
  3. Mepilex Ag Dressing
    An effective dressing.
    I first used this bandage in the hospital. After having great results, I bought it in order to clean my wounds. This dressing is very effective and promotes healing of
    (Review by Janet)
  4. Mepilex Ag Dressing
    THE BEST!.
    My daughter has an incision that wasn't healing properly. This dressing is like a miracle, I call it our "Star Trek" bandage. The difference in 2 days with this was
    (Review by Lynn)

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  1. PolyMem Silver Dressing Pad

    PolyMem Silver