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  1. Tegaderm Silver Alginate Mesh Dressing by 3M
    Excellent .
    Good results with this product 3M Tegaderm Silver Alginate Mesh Dressing
    (Review by JAH)
  2. Biatain Ag Foam Dressing Silver
    Effective Infection Control.
    This silver dressing is very useful at at clinic to manage infected wounds.
    (Review by Emily)
  3. Mepilex Ag Dressing
    Excellent Product For Protection, Absorbsion.
    We've used this on an open wound for five months now, no infection and does an excellent job asborbing fluids. Would highly recommend it, even if it is expensive.
    (Review by Ankle_1)
  4. Acticoat 3 Day Burn Dressing
    Working Awesome - Acticoat 3 Day Burn Dressing – A Review.
    Acticoat 3 Day Burn Dressing is the perfect life saver when it comes to protecting the wounds. It seems quite expensive but the product is worth the cost. You can
    (Review by Susan Porter)

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