Phresh Products Medical Diagnostic Equipment — Defibrillators, Pen Lights, Reflex Hammers, Tongue Depressors

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  1. The Elite Pulse Oximeter
    Dad's doctor recommended this..
    The doctor said we have to monitor Dad's oxygen saturation. I didn't bother checking with other people what's the best oximeter because his doctor highly recommended this one. He showed
    (Review by Jennie)
  2. Huntleigh Printa2 W/Buffer Box for Dopplers
    Quite satisfied with this product.
    (Review by anon)
  3. Oximeter Plus C21 Finger Oximeter
    Most accurate Finger Oximeter – A Review.
    It is awesome! The 6 distinct display modes, quick and accurate reading, warranty, 30 hours of uninterrupted operation, light-weight, and what not. This is not the end; they also have
    (Review by Brandon Riley)
  4. Digital Health Monitor Scale
    Super Thin Bath Scale.
    I give this digital health scale a rating of 4 and would give it a five if it was not black. Black is just not that great for by bathroom.
    (Review by Jill)

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