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  1. Ring Pessary
    Great Value.
    I received my purchase, I want to say thank you for all of you
    (Review by ortrmur)
  2. Ring Pessary
    Replacement device.
    A perfect fit. I will shop at VM again.
    (Review by Value Shopper)
  3. Donut Pessary
    Love it!.
    I've been really pleased with the results using the donut pessary. It has made a huge improvement to my prolapse symptoms. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars
    (Review by 40something mom)
  4. Cube Pessary
    The pessary is made of a high quality silicone that makes the pessary firm yet soft and flexible.i would recommend the purchase of this product from vitality medical.
    (Review by kitty)

Vaginal Pessaries | Pessary Ring - Pessary Donut - Pessary Cube - Uterine Pessary & More!


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    Where to buy Pessaries supplies? Don't take a chance, go with the reliable and trusted source for Pessaries products for over a decade. Vitality Medical is where you can buy Pessaries supplies from reputable manufacturers like Integra, SRS Medical. Vitality Medical is where to buy Pessaries supplies. Where to buy Pessaries products? Only at VitalityMedical.com.

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    Ring Pessary

    Ring Pessary by EvaCare is available with or without support. The Ring Pessary is used for treating first and second degree prolapse. The Pessary Ring with support can al Learn More
    Donut Pessary

    Donut Pessaries are used for the treatment of prolapse. Manufactured by EvaCare, the Donut Pessary or Doughnut Pessary is used for Uterine Prolapse, Cystocele and Rectoce Learn More
    Gellhorn Pessary

    Gellhorn Pessary by EvaCare is used to treat second and third degree prolapse or procidentia. Used for more advanced pelvic organ prolapse, the Gellhorn Pessaries are eas Learn More
    Ring with Knob Pessary

    Pessary Ring with Knob by Miltex is a soft silicone pessary used to treat stress urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse or cystocele. Learn More
    Cube Pessary

    Cube Pessaries are made with flexible silicone by EvaCare for use in treating vaginal prolapse. The Pessary Cubes are designed for third degree prolapse, including proden Learn More
    Oval Pessary

    Oval Pessaries manufactured by EvaCare are designed to replace the standard Ring Pessary when the vaginal vault is narrow. An Oval Pessary serves women with a prior histo Learn More
    Hodge Pessary

    Hodge Pessary for Uterine Prolapse made of Flexible Silicone. Learn More
    Shaatz Pessary

    Shaatz Pessary is made of flexible silicone by EvaCare. Designed with a convex shape, the Shaatz Pessary obtains a snug fit and helps to alleviate symptoms from uterine p Learn More
    Dish Pessary

    Dish Pessaries are designed to provide bladder neck support to relieve stress incontinence and minor degrees of prolapse. A Dish Pessary manufactured by EvaCare, is made Learn More
    Gehrung Pessary

    Gehrung Pessaries are made of silicone and flexible wire, allowing the pessary to be foldable and moldable. The Gehrung Folding Pessary provides adaptability to support c Learn More
    Mar-Land Pessary

    Mar-Land Pessary is a flexible silicone pessary device used for incontinence and minor prolapse. Mar-Land Pessaries support the bladder neck to manage stress incontinence Learn More
    Pessary Removal Hook

    Pessary Remover Hook by Integra Miltex is made of stainless steel. This pessary hook provides for easy removal of any pessary. Learn More
    Pessary Fitting Set

    EvaCare Pessary Fitting Set contains six different pressary ring sizes to use in determining the proper size and fit of pessaries for individual patients. This Pessary Fi Learn More
    Pessary Fitting Kit

    Integra Miltex Pessary Fitting Set contains six different pessary ring sizes to determine the proper size and fit of Pessaries for Prolapse patients. Learn More
    Gellhorn Short Stem Pessary

    Gelhorn Short Stem Pessary by Miltex is a soft silicone pessary with drain feature used for treating uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele. Learn More
    Cup Pessary

    Cup Pessary by Miltex is made of soft silicone and is used for treating uterine prolapse. The Pessary Cup is available with or without support. Learn More
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    Pessary Selection Chart

    Pessary Selection Chart

    Pessary Types

    Pessary Types

    Pessary Medical Codes

    • HCPCS Code: A4562
    • Office Visit Code: 99214
    • CPT Procedure Code for Fitting and Insertion: 57160