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  1. Encore Tension Bands
    First shopping experience with Vitality Medical.
    Not a large order by any means when I ordered 2 Encore Tension Bands to evaluate both the supplier and the maufacturer of the bands. Great service, and the product
    (Review by KEA3EANM)
  2. Osbon Personal Lubricant
    Lubricant for your vaccum pump.
    Dont try to use a lubricant like KY Jelly when using a penis pump. You have to use a lubricant made for the pumps or you may ruin your expensive
    (Review by Henry J)
  3. Pos-T-Vac Ultimate II Gel Tension Bands
    GEL Rings-0.
    The Gel ring worked as I expected. Very difficult to remove. Probably order a 1 next time. Question??? I have a ring set kit . Why was it designed with
    (Review by BW)
  4. EZ Ring Tension Bands
    Finally a solution. . ..
    I have tried many products and the experience always ended in the scrotum being sucked into the cylinder, also the tension bands were often painful to remove pulling hair and
    (Review by Martino)

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