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Smith & Nephew OpSite Dressing | OpSite Flexigrid - OpSite IV 3000 - OpSite Flexifix


OpSite Dressings

OpSite is a Transparent Film Dressing manufactured by Smith & Nephew. OpSite Transparent Film utilizes an acrylic adhesive film to stay in place at the wound site. This film is used to provide a moist wound environment for superficial wounds to promote healing. OpSite Transparent Film Dressings are permeable, allowing excess exudate to evaporate to prevent skin maceration. Some OpSite Dressings are waterproof, allowing patients to bathe without changing dressings and prevent bacterial contamination. Adaptable to difficult curves of the body, OpSite Film Dressings can be cut into strips or shapes to apply to heels, knees, elbows and other areas of the body.

OpSite Transparent Film Dressings are available in five different options, including OpSite Flexifix, a transparent film roll for tube fixation. OpSite Flexigrid, a Transparent Film Dressing with a wound measurement grid to monitor the decreasing size of the wound area as healing occurs. OpSite Post-Op, a transparent waterproof dressing with absorbent pad and increased permeability. OpSite IV3000, a one-hand application dressing to fix I.V.’s in place and OpSite’s standard dressing the OpSite Transparent Waterproof Film, a transparent waterproof dressing that is also vapor permeable to allow excess exudate to evaporate. More detailed descriptions for each OpSite Dressing can be found at the Opsite Transparent Film Dressings web page.

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