Kimberly Clark MIC-KEY Feeding Tube | Ballard MIC KEY Button - Gastrostomy - Enteral Feeding

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Kimberly Clark MIC-KEY Feeding Tube | Ballard MIC KEY Button - Gastrostomy Tube - G Tube - Enteral Feeding


Kimberly Clark MIC-KEY Tube is a Low-Profile Feeding Tube designed to provide active patients an unobtrusive Gastrostomy mechanism for Enteral Feeding. Kimberly Clark or Ballard MIC-KEY Feeding Tubes are available in numerous sizes to accommodate individual patients. The MIC Key Tube is constructed with medical grade silicone for a comfortable, proper fit that minimizes the chance of leakage. The MIC-KEY feeding tube does not require the use of an obturator, so the tube does not need to be distorted for insertion. The slim design allows more air to circulate around the stoma and provides easier care. MIC KEY Tube options include the MIC-KEY Gastrostomy Feeding Tube, for continuous feeding, MIC-KEY Low Profile Tube for maximum unobrusiveness, MICKEY Bolus Gastrostomy Feed Tube for scheduled feedings, and MIC KEY Tube Extension Sets.

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MIC-Key Tube SECUR LOK Extension Feeding Sets


KIMBERLY-CLARK MIC-Key Feeding Tubes and extension sets are less obtrusive and easy to conceal. Learn More
MIC-KEY Tube LOW PROFILE Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit


MIC-KEY Tube LOW PROFILE Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit contains a MIC-KEY skin level G-tube, a SECUR-LOK extension set with clamp, a bolus extension set with clamp. Learn More
MIC-KEY Tube Gastrostomy Feeding Tube


KIMBERLY-CLARK MIC KEY Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is designed to deliver optimal performance and value. MIC-KEY Feeding Tubes are constructed of medical grade silicone. Learn More
MIC-KEY BOLUS Gastrostomy Feeding Tube


MIC-KEY Bolus Gastrostomy Feeding Tube features medical grade silicone construction, silicone internal retention balloon, tapered distal tip, dual exit ports, radiopaque stripe, and gamma sterilized. Learn More