Mepitel Wound Care — Gauze Packing Strips, Gauze Sponges, Hydrogels, Silicone Gel Sheeting

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  1. Cover-Roll Stretch Tape
    Great product.
    Very nice product, super fast delivery.
    (Review by sandy)
  2. Hypafix Tape Dressing by Smith & Nephew
    Exactly what we have been buying local for half the price.
    (Review by Hypafix Tape)
  3. ELASTIKON Tape by Johnson & Johnson
    Elastikon Tape? OUTSTANDING.
    Absolutely GREAT tape! Sticks to skin and itself VERY securely. Conforms to rounded appendages by simply smoothing the protruding tape around the digit, elbow, etc. peels off with only slight
    (Review by MikeM)
  4. Aquacel Silver Ag Dressing
    excellent product.
    Item came fast. this is an excellent dressing. My surgeon recommends it highly. Helps to prevent infections and fight current infection as Silver has antimicrobial properties
    (Review by jaaad)

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