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  1. Gizmo Male External Condom Catheter
    A great Colopost latex cathether condom.
    Since Colopost stopped manufacturing latex Conveen condoms, I could not find a good or comparable substitute. Only this Gizmo condom is as I was looking for plus same quality and
    (Review by Alexinseattle)
  2. Apogee Intermittent Catheters
    Catheter specially for me..
    This catheter is 'specially' recommended by my doctor. I have UTI that always comes back and being hospitalized I know that I may get the infection through catheter insertion. It
    (Review by Liam Park)
  3. External Condom Catheter Sheath Holder by Posey
    Product fits and feels great ship
    (Review by TDZ)
  4. Twist Catheter Straight Tip for Women by Cure Medical
    Twist Catheters and Discretion.
    The Cure Medical Twist Catheters are a very high discretion catheter. It really does look like another item of makeup in your purse. Easy to use and easy disposal.
    (Review by Nicky)

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A urinary catheter, constructed by Mentor, is a medical apparatus that allows for the drainage and collection of urine. Mentor provides a wide assortment of popular catheters such as, but not limited to, Foley and condom catheters.

A Foley catheter is actually inserted into an individual's bladder through the urethra. Foley catheters are secured in the bladder by method of a balloon. Commonly, this type of catheter is made of latex or silicone. To establish that this catheter is right for you, please confer with your medical provider.

A condom catheter, also known as a Texas catheter or external catheter, is a catheter that is used primarily by men. These catheters attach directly to the male anatomy and guides urine into a separate accumulation chamber, such as a urinary leg bag or bedside bag. A Texas catheter is generally made of latex or silicone. The external catheter is commonly not sufficient for a man that is uncircumcised. To see if this style of urinary catheter is right for you, please consult your medical provider.

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