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  1. April Guard Hand Sanitizer
    Doesn't Dry the Hands.
    I order the April Guard for my clinic, because it doesn't dry out your hands as bad as others do when you use it repeatedly.
    (Review by Hans)
  2. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer
    Clean Hands are a Good Thing.
    I put one of those clean hands start here stands with the dispenser in my lobby. Cleaner patients is a good thing.
    (Review by Manuel)
  3. Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer
    Good Choice.
    I like the no rinse brand of hand sanitizer, because kids find it fun to use, so they use it more often. That can only be a good thing.
    (Review by Super Mom)
  4. Mysotrol Hand Sanitizer
    Mysotrol Sanitizers are a Cleaner Clean.
    This seems to be a more practical sanitizer than some of the others, because it doesn't leave a residue that takes forever to rub into the skin. It's just a
    (Review by Cate)

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