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  1. Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes
    Very good..
    These are as good as the more expensive ones. They will last longer by slightly moistening each one before applying.
    (Review by pulse patches)
  2. Doughnut Cushion
    Good Purchase.
    These round cushions are quite comfortable. I also like that they don't look like a doughnut cushion with the cover on.
    (Review by Connie)
  3. Uni-Patch Low Back Strip
    Buy American.....these tyco l-back strips are the best. .
    I have been using these L-back strips for...along time> My back was broken on duty as a Firefighter. I use them every day, and with proper handling will last months.
    (Review by Turk)
  4. Bodymed Dual Channel Interferential Unit, with AC Adapter
    Interferential TENS.
    This unit really helps with pain. It is unfortunate that since it was made so inexpensively, it does not last but a few months: One battery connection broke inside the
    (Review by Andy)

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