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  1. VERILUX HappyLight Deluxe Energy Lamp Mood Light Full Spectrum Light Therapy
    Brighten Your Grey Days.
    This brings a little sunshine in my life particularly when on those grey days. I have found that it is best to use the light daily, rather than on only
    (Review by Rainman)
  2. Soft Shell Heated Jacket City Collection
    Heated City Jacket.
    By far this is now my favorite jacket. It is light and easy to don or doff. I love being able to control the heat setting.
    (Review by Edna)
  3. Arthritis Gloves
    Warm and comfortable..
    I am using these for arthritis and scar tissue compression, they work very well for both uses but are not very durable, seams come undone quickly and unravel leaving you
    (Review by dagabu)
  4. VERILUX HappyLight 2500 Compact Light Therapy
    Its the Economy!.
    I bought the twin set because the price was right to get two lights at a reduced price. One light I use at home to get me going in the
    (Review by Evergreen)

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