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  1. SAF Clenz AF Gel
    Keeps things clean between showers.
    I have been suffering with pressure ulcers for some time now and saw this product while ordering other supplies. I'm not able to shower daily but need fresh bandages every
    (Review by Gypsy Roller)
  2. NORMLGEL 0.9% Isotonic Saline Gel
    What I was looking for.
    I like the fact this product keeps the area moist and clean.
    (Review by Alan)
  3. Duraprep
    A brand I trust.
    I love the fact it is by 3M. They have everything.
    (Review by Jackie)
  4. Saljet Saline
    Convenient Packaging.
    The individual packaging is convenient. I like the Saljet brand of saline more than the others.
    (Review by Jos)

Hollister Wound Care Prep & More!

Wound Care Prep

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Hollister Wound Care Prep

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