Hardwood Products Medical Diagnostic Equipment — Defibrillators, Pen Lights, Reflex Hammers, Tongue Depressors

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  1. OMRON ComFit Cuff Large cuff 9 - 17 Inch H-CL22
    Best Cuff Around.
    Thought I was going crazy changing cuffs on the BP monitor. Then I started searching the internet for a solution. I found the ComFit Cuff & it solved everything. Now
    (Review by Chuck16023)
  2. Seca Carrying Case 421
    Cushy carrying case for those expensive professional grade scales you bought. A must have! It fits the scale and the adapter you bought and looks professional when transporting.
    (Review by JoeRD)
  3. Hardwood Products Tongue Depressors
    just what I expected.
    Product was as described and arrived promptly
    (Review by kas)
  4. OMRON ComFit Cuff Large cuff 9 - 17 Inch H-CL22
    I am very pleased with my replacement cuff.
    was also pleased with response I received when I ask for service when the old cuff was not working.
    (Review by kay)

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