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  1. Diabet-X Skin Sanitizer
    Convenient to Have.
    Diabet-X Skin Sanitizer is good to use before injecting my insulin, because I am usually not near a bathroom to wash up and I want to prevent infections, that's the
    (Review by Sophie)
  2. Thera Antimicrobial Body Cleanser
    Thera Antimicrobial Body Cleanser Works!.
    This stuff works so well. Most cleansers leave the skin feeling chapped, but the thera body cleanser doesn't do that.
    (Review by Mia)
  3. April Guard Hand Sanitizer
    Doesn't Dry the Hands.
    I order the April Guard for my clinic, because it doesn't dry out your hands as bad as others do when you use it repeatedly.
    (Review by Hans)
  4. Nice Pak Products Castile soap towelettes
    Nice to have it.
    It was exactly what I expected it to be. Soft and easy to use since it's packed individually. I also like the coconut scent. Thank you for your great customer
    (Review by Piet)

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