Furniss Corporation Products | CPM Knee Therapy Machines, Phoenix 1800, 1850, and the DC2480 Knee CPM

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Furniss Corporation Products | CPM Knee Therapy Machines, Phoenix 1800, 1850, and the DC2480 Knee CPM

Furniss Corporation

The Furniss Corporation is a manufacturer of high-quality continuous passive motion knee therapy machines. Their machines include their Phoenix Model 1800, Phoenix Model 1850, and DC2480 Knee CPM therapy machines. The machines are made of mild steel construction that is durable and has a space-saving design. They come with a tripod position that makes for easy storage and reduces contamination.

The CPM models include a pendant controller with intuitive controls for settings input and an easy-to-read LED readout. The machines accommodate a full range of knee flexion/distraction motion and come with soft, synthetic lambswool padding to line the metal carriage for better comfort and patient care.

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Phoenix Model 1800 Knee CPM


CPM Machines, by the Furniss Corporation, are tools to help those rehabilitate their knees and to help regain a full range of motion post-surgery or after an injury. The Furniss Phoenix Model 1800™ is one CPM model that will help patients train to make them stronger and acquire better knee flexion and distraction. Learn More
Phoenix Model 1850 Knee CPM


A CPM Machine built to withstand rigorous use, the Phoenix Model 1850™, by Furniss Corporation, is steel constructed, yet light weight. It's design is highly refined and constructed by hand. It has reliable, easy-to-use settings and electronics. The unit is portable and small enough to be put away and kept out of the way when not in use. Learn More
Knee CPM Model DC2480


Range of motion and healing is the ultimate aim for those with post-knee surgery, knee arthroplasty recovery, or even those simply recovering from a debilitating knee injury. CPM, or continuous passive motion therapy, is a knee therapy option that can either be used as a sole therapy option, or be used in conjunction with physical therapy sessions. Learn More
CPM Patient Softgoods Padding Kit


Knee therapy can get uncomfortable at times, and not just with the physical side of movement, but touching the cold, uncomfortable metal therapy machines one may work with during sessions. But with Furniss Corporation's CPM Patient Softgoods, they've made the experience almost pleasurable with the cottony padding for their line of continuous passive motion therapy (CPM) machines. Learn More