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  1. HandiCare Garment Liner
    Very innovative product..
    My dad tried all types of leg bag wrap, straps and pant, but nothing worked to help him in his incontinence and at the same time to stay discreet. Until
    (Review by Arnold)
  2. Priva Extra Absorbency Reusable Liners
    I haven't ask Carla Boyd how she rates the Reusable Liners, But see below.
    Carla Boyd At North Star Adult Care home rates the bed pads 5 star
    (Review by None)
  3. Dignity ThinSerts Liners
    Thin and comfortable.
    These pads are quite thin and conform to your clothing yet work well for seepage. The outer layer wicks away the fluid and the inner gel layer holds it. This
    (Review by Sadie)
  4. HandiCare Garment Liner
    Kendall Handicare Garment Liners are excellent.
    We have been very happy with these pads. They work extremely well and hold a lot of moisture and keeps it away from the skin. Delivery time is excellent and
    (Review by Satisfied)

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