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DeRoyal | Covaderm - Kalginate - Multidex Gel - Multidex Hydrophilic Powder Dressing & More!


DeRoyal has been manufacturing medical supplies sice 1973. While DeRoyal started out with orthopedic products, they have expanded their line to include Wound Care Products, including DeRoyal Alginate Dressing, Deroyal Foam Dressings and DeRoyal Hydrogels. Deroyal's most popular wound care dressings are its Aquasorb and Convaderm brands. Deroyal's Aquasorb line is a hydrogel dressing that comes in a variety of application sytles. DeRoyal Convaderm Plus is a barrier dressing made of several layers to assure absorption of drainage while maintaining an adhesive grip. DeRoyal Foam Dressings are polyurethane foam dressings that are highly absorbant. DeRoyal also provides DeRoyal Trach Cleaning Supplies and DeRoyal IV Supplies. For similar wound care products from different manufacturers, take a look at our Hydrogels, Alginate Dressings, Foam Dressings and Wound Care.
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Featured DeRoyal Products

Trach Brush Trachea Care Brush


Trach Brush , manufactured by DeRoyal Medical, helps with cleaning and maintaining your trach tube.
Patients with tracheostomies need to have the trach tube cleaned out regularly. Trach tubes, also referred to as a tracheal cannulas or stoma buttons can be hindered with mucous and secretions. Mucous and secretions when left untreated can cause serious issues including tube blockage. Learn More


MULTIDEX GEL has the same properties as MULTIDEX POWDER except the gel has been specially formulated for a dry or minimally draining wound. Learn More
COVADERM PLUS Adhesive Barrier Dressing


Four separate layers make it the ideal dressing for many applications: layer 1 is a nonadherent contact layer, layer 2 is a soft pad to absorb drainage, layer 3 is a semi-occl Learn More
Polyderm With Covaderm Tape Border Foam Dressing

Covaderm tape border is gentle even to sensitive skin. They eliminate the need for dressing tape. The medical grade foam is lint-free, nonadherent and highly absorbent, making it ideal for heavily exudating wounds. Learn More
KALGINATE Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing


Thicker and more substantial than other alginates, allowing it to maintain its integrity at the wound site and upon removal. The heavier, denser fiber changes to a thick, stab Learn More
DeRoyal COVADERM PLUS VAD (Vascular Access Device) Dressing

DeRoyal COVADERM PLUS VAD (Vascular Access Device) Dressing Learn More

Other Top Selling DeRoyal Products

Catheter Strap Universal


Catheter Strap from DeRoyal is a Universal Catheter Securing Device that uses hook and loop fabric for the closure. Learn More
Covaderm Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing


The Covaderm Sterile Adhesive Wound Dressing is an all-purpose absorbent island dressing which includes tape for an easy single step application. Learn More
Multipad Non-Adherent Absorbent Dressing


Multipad is a Non-Adherent Dressing and an Absorbent Dressing used for Chronic Wounds, surgical incisions, superficial lacerations and abrasions. Learn More
Algidex Ag Packing Gauze Silver Alginate Packing Dressing


Algidex Ag is a Packing Gauze for Wound Care with Silver Alginate to fight infections by reducing bacterial colonization. Learn More
Xeroform Petrolatum Dressing Gauze


Xeroform Petrolatum Gauze by DeRoyal is a sterile Petrolatum Dressing that is a non-adhesive wound dressing used for surgical dressings, skin graft dressings, abrasion wounds, wound packing and for treating burns. Learn More
SofSorb Absorbant Wound Dressings


SofSorb is an absorbent, non-adherent dressing manufactured by DeRoyal. SofSorb is a one-piece dressing with multiple layers. Learn More
Dermanet Ag+ Antimicrobial Alginate Silver Wound Contact Layer Dressing


Dermanet Ag+ is an Antimicrobial Alginate Silver Wound Contact Layer Dressing designed to prevent infections. Learn More
Aquasorb Hydrogel Dressing


Aquasorb is a Hydrogel Dressing that provides a moist wound environment conducive to healing. Aquasorb protects the wound bed from dehydration. Learn More
Stretch Net Tubular Bandage


Stretch Net is a Tubular Bandage used to hold dressings in place without the need for medical tape. Learn More
DeWrap 3 Layer Compression Wrap Bandage 40 mmHg


DeWrap is a 3 Layer Compression Wrap Bandage that provides up to 40 mmHg of therapeutic compression for lower extremity edema. Learn More