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  1. AllKare Adhesive Remover Wipe
    A hospital essential!.
    Since I started working at the hospital, I always see this. They said it a necessity. There are times that patients complain that they have stickies on their finger, left
    (Review by Jessie)
  2. Duraprep
    A brand I trust.
    I love the fact it is by 3M. They have everything.
    (Review by Jackie)
  3. UniSolve Adhesive Remover
    UniSolve Adhesive Remover Review.
    I had my knee skin ripped off and put some dressing with bandage. However, it left a lot of adhesive on my skin and I was afraid just to remove
    (Review by Lexy)
  4. Povidone Iodine PVP Prep Pad – 10%
    The prep pad arrived in a very timely manner. The pads are so easy to open vs previous kind used.
    (Review by wngfarm)

Dermarite Industries Wound Care Prep & More!

Wound Care Prep

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Dermarite Industries Wound Care Prep

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