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  1. Original Massage Gel by Bon Vital
    Massage Gel Review.
    The Bon Vital gel washes out of sheets much easier than some other massage product brands. This is really useful for massage therapists.
    (Review by Naomi)
  2. Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap
    stays put well.
    I like this heat wrap, because it's unique shape helps it to stay in place really well. I don't have to keep adjusting it, like I would a regular hot
    (Review by Harold)
  3. EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulater
    Bought it 5 years ago for some physic. Put it away in a drawer and forgot to take out the battery. Recently "found" it again and decided to use. Amazed
    (Review by GEORGE)
  4. Gaymar T Pump Classic Hot Cold Therapy System
    Purchased as it was used in the Nursing Home..
    My wife wanted the unit, so it was purchased. It has the safety feature of not shocking and gives two zones of heat.....was not aware that a unit of this
    (Review by John)

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