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  1. Curity Urine Leg Bags by Kendall
    Dear sir, 1)In the directions for use it is stated " to put the bag on the inside of the leg , at the knee, secure one leg strap above
    (Review by SKKChalla)
  2. Leg Bag for Urine by Hollister
    Product is excellent, Customer Service was excellent, the gentleman was very professional and helpful, and the shipping time was excellent...quick and reliable
    (Review by Anna Leila)
  3. Rusch Bedside Drainage Bag
    Bedside Drainage Bag Review.
    The bedside drainage bags offer options of double hooks, latex free, anti-reflux device and are user friendly. Various features available in the bedside drainage bag includes urine bag with about
    (Review by Jacob)
  4. Leg Bag for Urine by Hollister
    Leg Bag For Urine Review.
    I like that this bag is very discreet. The size/measurement is just enough to hide it somewhere under my garments. I have never experienced having leaks with this, even if
    (Review by Smith)

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