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  1. Urocare Adjustable Thumb Clamp
    it worked!.
    My mom has a very poorly designed peg tube. There was no way to clamp it off. During feeding, if she coughs, well, it's all over. I was able to
    (Review by ls)
  2. Midstream Urine Specimen Collection Container Kit by Dover
    Easier Urine Collection.
    Midstream Urine Specimen Collection Kit makes urine collection easy. It also allows easy measurement and visual inspection.
    (Review by Betty L)
  3. Hodge Pessary
    Works great for prolapse and incontinence.
    Works great for prolapse and incontinence
    (Review by Lynn)
  4. Toilet Hat Specimen Collection
    Toilet Hat .
    Good quality, fast shipping. Thanks
    (Review by cris)

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