Curity Nonadherent Dressings — Petrolatum Gauze, Vaseline Gauze, Xeroform Gauze

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  1. Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing Gauze
    good service.
    good service
    (Review by charles)
  2. Xeroform Impregnated Gauze Dressing
    Xeroform Shapes to Your Body.
    The Xeroform impregnated gauze dressing shapes and contours to the wound area.The dressing is non-adhering.
    (Review by Randi)
  3. MEDIPORE TAPE Cloth Dressing Tape by 3M
    Was given this product at the hospital, and it was exactly perfect for my needs, so when I needed more, I sought out your site and product.
    (Review by None)
  4. TELFA Island Dressing
    no stick here.
    performs very well as a nonstick dressing.
    (Review by abycinnamon)

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