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  1. Curity Urine Leg Bags by Kendall
    Leg Bags Review.
    I bought Kendall Curity Urine Leg Bags for my grandmother who is using a wheelchair. He finds it very durable and safe to use. It fulfils all her needs. I
    (Review by Belinda)
  2. Belly Bag
    Great Belly Bag.
    I am a paraplegic and in a catheter 24 hours a day. This belly bag is so convenient. It is sodiscrete and comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone who
    (Review by LL)
  3. Urocare Leg Bag Reuseable
    Urocare Leg Bag Reusable - Review.
    I use the Urocare Leg Bag Reusable every day and I find it very useful. It is durable, lightweight and easy to use. I’m a pretty busy person and this
    (Review by Antonio Melo)
  4. Leg Bag Deluxe Style with Latex Straps
    Deluxe Style Leg Bags – A Review.
    I have some urinary problems and I use these leg bags. This leg bag is designed by utilizing heavy vinyl film for durability and odor protection. On the plus side
    (Review by Martin)

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