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  1. 12-Ply Cotton Gauze Pads by MediPak
    good quality great price.
    summary says it all
    (Review by mike)
  2. AMD Ritmed Gauze Non Woven 4 ply
    Great Product.
    These pads are very similar to the AMD-Ritmed A2100-CH pads that I was looking for before, but these are sterile, and come in two pads per sealed envelope. You won't
    (Review by Morris)
  3. Invacare IQA Sterile Gauze Pad 12 Ply 4x4
    Nice product.
    Nice gauze. What I like the most about it is that it's 100 percent cotton. I am allergic to nylon so I cannot use them. Also good for those who
    (Review by Owen)
  4. Curity Maternity Pad
    Curity Maternity Pad.
    These maternity pads will not dry out and stay securely in place.
    (Review by Ann)

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