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  1. MIC-Key Tube SECUR LOK Extension Feeding Sets
    just what my dad needed and less expensive than other med supply company..
    Just what my dad needed; quick delivery and less expensive than other vendors;TY
    (Review by Nelda)
  2. Curity PVC Nasogasrtic Feeding Tubes
    Ease of a Feeding Tube Review.
    This had made things so much easier with feeding. It is transparent so it makes it easier to see if the nutrition is actually making it through the tube. I
    (Review by Nelson)
  3. MIC-KEY Tube Gastrostomy Feeding Tube
    Great service from Vitality!.
    I received excellent service and have had a wonderful experience ordering thru Vitality Medical! I am very pleased!
    (Review by Margaret Strange)
  4. Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes with Y Port and Safe Enteral Connections Silicone
    Kangaroo Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes.
    The balloon on this Gastrostomy feeding tube seals off the internal stoma to prevent fluid leakage.
    (Review by Abner T)

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