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  1. Ultra Thick Disposable Washcloths by Comfort Bath
    very good product.
    use these washcloths to bathe bed bound person. by using a disposable bed pad and these washcloths, a bath can be given without wetting the sheets.
    (Review by jean)
  2. CURITY Washcloth
    Love the for my baby!.
    The hospital I had my baby in uses these for the newborns with just warm water due to their skin being so sensitive and I liked the so much I
    (Review by Lisa)
  3. WINGS Washcloths
    WINGS Washcloths – A Review.
    My grandmother uses these wipes in order to clean up her skin daily. It contains aloe vera that allows additional skin integrity benefits. It is already pre-moistened. I would recommend
    (Review by Brittany)
  4. TENA Dry Disposable Washcloth Wipes
    Perfect for face and body.
    Just what I wanted for use when traveling. They are soft and easy to pack.
    (Review by Rose)

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