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    Great product!.
    3M's product is outstanding, with no other product having nearly as high a quality.
    (Review by Phil)
  2. MEFIX Tape
    Dressing Fixation Tape Review.
    I had a deep cut in my knee. It was so deep that even hard to stop bleeding. A lot of fluid was coming out from the wound so it
    (Review by Lil)
  3. MEDIPORE Soft Cloth Tape
    Very satisfied!!!.
    There is nothing better than this tape. I have used this off and on for the last 8 years and am very satisfied.Thank You for carrying this product.
    (Review by Peetsr)
  4. HyTape Hy Tape Pink Zinc Oxide Tape
    I Love the Pink Tape Review.
    This tape has been the best thing in the world. Not only does it hold its shape but it helps to keep the infection at bay. Plus, it is strong
    (Review by Denise Melton)

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